Aerostich Police Suits are made to serve and protect law enforcement motor officers. All of the same materials, features and quality of our civilian Roadcrafter and Darien suits plus a comprehensive range of safety and task functional additions. For visibility and increased nighttime safety there is extra Scotchlite reflective on pant legs and sleeves. There's also large 'SHERIFF', 'STATE TROOPER' or 'POLICE' reflective lettering across the back. Four to five oversized snap closed belt loops on the jacket are fitted for use with law enforcement service belts. Microphone holder loops are added to both shoulders. There is extra reflective on the right chest pocket. Front and shoulder insignia have seam sealed Velcro patch holders. (All extra sewn features are fully hot tape seam sealed.*) Lower front jacket pockets have been deleted from the regular Roadcrafter design for wearing compatibility with a variety of equipment belts. Additional custom work available as required, at additional charge. They have been proven by over a decade of experience involving hundreds of thousands of miles of use at more than 100 satisfied departments -- and by over 500 motor officers who currently wear Aerotsich Police Suits every day. Officers work safer and more comfortably in all weather conditions. Call 800.222.1994 for additional ordering and sizing information. Available to law enforcement agencies only.

Power Point presentation - Motor Officer Cost and Feature Comparison. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (13.8MB)

Complete Aerostich Police Suit Brochure (PDF)

Never Drop Your Guard (Friction Zone 12/07)

*Although the Roadcrafter's materials are totally waterproof, the fast entry/exit design is a compromise between weatherproofness, ventilation, and ease of use. Users can expect to stay dry in steady rain for 30 to 90 minutes on an unfaired motorcycle. A faired motorcycle or lighter rain will result in longer leak-free performance. See our commercial catalog for additional details.